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Parallel Lines

What do our customers say?

Gerardo RV

Quality Manager

Plastics & Molds

"AGSA is a company that I have trusted for more than 3 years continuously for troubleshooting and verification of our parts during the launch of new and important projects. 

AGSA is a certified key supplier that has been an important part of our growth and expansion due to the key services that it offers and at a highly competitive cost, as well as the technological innovation that it continuously presents.


The support during the provision of services as well as the after-sales service is excellent."

3D measurement and quality control of plastic parts and molds.

Stephen R.

Sales Manager

Plastics & Molds

"Your work has been very valuable to us.

Surely, we will continue requesting services with AGSA Tech, but beyond that, I will be spreading the word about their excellent and professional service in the industry"

Dimensional analysis and project startup.

Luis  P.

Business owner

Plastics & Molds

"AGSA Tech is my main metrology supplier"

3D scanning and FAI for new molds.

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